Protect Your Reputation and Move Forward with Legal Representation from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Charleston, SC

Being charged with DUI or other crime needn’t stain your reputation. Barrett Law Center is a dedicated criminal law firm and helps civilians and veterans in the Charleston, South Carolina area deal with complicated legal issues. Don’t take on your problem alone. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for your criminal defense needs.

At Barrett Law Center, we have experience with the following areas of practice:

  • Sex crimes including rape, criminal assault, criminal sexual conduct and child pornography defense
  • Domestic violence
  • Violent crimes including assault, aggravated assault and battery
  • Drug crimes defense including possession, distribution, and manufacturing charges
  • White-collar crimes including fraud
  • Military Crimes and investigations

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Our experienced criminal defense attorney has a proven track record of success representing a variety of clients in different legal situations. Your legal situation is probably causing you and your family anxiety, but with our years of criminal defense experience, I can give you some peace of mind.

The Barrett Law Center is well-known as a professional criminal defense law firm in and around Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I work tirelessly to create strong cases for my clients each and every time.

DUI Defense in Charleston, South Carolina

If you’ve been charged with DUI in South Carolina, you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney to represent you legally. At Barrett Law Center, I understand all DUI laws in South Carolina and can fight them in court. DUI convictions can lead to license suspension, hefty fines, jail time, community service requirements, international travel restrictions, and employment problems.

I have years of experience with DUI defense and can investigate each case to help each client with their unique situation. Some of the most common DUI defenses include:

  • No probable cause: A police officer must have probable cause to pull over a vehicle.
  • Breathalyzer Error: Equipment malfunction and police misuse can cause a false positive to be read.
  • Defendant wasn’t driving: If you were in your car with no intention of driving, we can use this defense to help you to get reduced or dropped DUI charges in South Carolina.

Never face your DUI charges alone. My experience and resources can help you through this difficult situation.

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

No matter what criminal charges you’re facing in Charleston, the prosecution will move fast to obtain evidence against you. This is why it’s so important to contact my law firm immediately after being charged, so that we can begin building a strong defense for you.

To schedule a free legal consultation today, call my law office at (843) 408-8455. We serve clients in both Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Rely on a talented criminal defense, DUI and veterans benefits lawyer

I take on all kinds of cases for my clients in Charleston, South Carolina. Trust me when you need representation with an issue pertaining to:

Firearms law | Veterans benefits | DUI law |Military investigations | Court martials | Simple wills | Expungements | Landlord-tenant law | Criminal defense | Entertainment law

Don’t wait-call 843-408-8455 right now to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal law attorney that focuses on veterans benefits in Charleston, South Carolina.

3 reasons to hire me to take on your legal challenges

Don’t settle for anything less that competent legal representation. Hire Barrett Law Center because:


I’m affordable. I offer free consultations here at the Barrett Law Center, and your fees can be paid online through Law Pay.


I’m here for you. I’m available anytime by phone, and I’ll meet with you at my office or wherever it’s convenient for you.


I’m experienced dealing with veterans issues. I’m an Army veteran myself, and I take a lot of Purple Heart law cases.

Leave your case in the hands of a capable attorney in Charleston, SC.

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