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Being charged with DUI or other crime needn’t stain your reputation. Barrett Law Center is a dedicated criminal law firm and helps civilians and veterans in the Charleston, South Carolina area deal with complicated legal issues. Don’t take on your problem alone. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for your criminal defense needs.

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Experienced Criminal Defense

Our experienced criminal defense attorney has a proven track record of success representing a variety of clients in different legal situations. Your legal situation is probably causing you and your family anxiety, but with our years of criminal defense experience, we can give you some peace of mind.

We cover cases in Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, Georgetown Counties along with other locations around South Carolina.


Michael Barrett

Michael is from Charleston, a graduate of The Citadel and Charleston School of Law. He is also a 22-year veteran, serving as an Army Infantry Officer in the Army Reserves with deployments to Afghanistan and Kosovo. He decided to become an attorney to help people fight for their rights, be it on the criminal side, the civil side, or even in administrative hearings. There are times when just having an attorney by your side can open up options in court that appearing on your own can not. These are things you cannot take for granted. Even if a case has been heard and adjudicated, there are still options to mitigate or relieve some of the repercussions, particularly with criminal cases. Expungements can be an option, depending on the conviction(s), time lapsed and past criminal history. Sometimes pardons can be attained through the state of South Carolina, which can reinstate some of your rights as a citizen. Criminal convictions that are serious enough can greatly impact your right to vote and your right to purchase and own a firearm.


Get your life back on track

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Charleston, SC, you’re probably a little worried about what to do next. There are over 100 different ways a DUI conviction can impact your life. Let an experienced DUI attorney help you. The Barrett Law Center DUI can assemble successful defenses for clients in the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant area. We have the resources and experience needed to successfully represent you. Michael knows the DUI laws in South Carolina and can defend them in all negotiations and/or court.

At the Barrett Law Center, Michael takes on all kinds of DUI cases. He works diligently toward the goal of reducing your charges and preventing a DUI from negatively affecting your life. Michael has attended and passed the 24-hour standard field sobriety test course (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) course) that law enforcement officers must attend before they can charge someone with DUI.

He has also attended and passed the NHSTA SFST Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE), SFST Instructor, and Drug Recognition Expert familiarization classes. In addition, he has taken multiple classes on the Operation and Maintenance of the Datamaster DMT Breath Alcohol machine used in South Carolina.

Possible Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Suspension of Driver’s License 

Restriction of License use to and from work and school 

Loss of special commercial license endorsements 

Purchase of special car insurance that includes proof of insurance component

Possible installation of Ignition Interlock Device in any vehicle driven or owned 

Participation in DUI prevention education program for period of 3-30 months 

Participation in driver safety class 

Participation in AA meetings 

Participation in MADD impact panel meeting

Participation in Hospital Morgue Program 



Community Service

Electronic monitoring

Residential Treatment Program

Probation with terms that could include abstaining from alcohol, staying away from businesses that primarily sell alcohol, restriction on contact with other probationers, and waiver of Fourth Amendment right

Strain on marriage and relationships with friends and family

Paying for criminal defense lawyer or reimbursing government for court-appointed lawyer and payment or reimbursement of other trial-related expenses

Cancellation of or increase in cost of insurance

Denial of employment, loss of promotion, loss of job

Suspension from school / delay in graduation / interruption or reduction of student grants or loans 

Revocation / suspension of professional / occupational licenses

Involuntary Separation from military service


Increase in health problems from stress

Loss of Sleep over anxiety contemplating potential consequences

Decline in productivity at work due to depression or anxiety

Modification of family law child custody orders reducing contact with children 

Restrict obtaining special permits, licenses, or benefits that require finding that person has good moral character, such as concealed firearm carry permit, serving as foster parent, or participating in low income food and housing programs

Restrictions on travel: entry to some foreign countries

Delay or denial in obtaining U.S. citizenship

Creation of public record of arrest / conviction, and its disclosure to friends, family and neighbors may cause embarrassment, loss of reputation, denial of participation in youth sports, withdraw of marriage proposals

Damage to person or property from accident caused by driving while intoxicated with attendant liability

Denial of certain government loans or grants (PPP in Corona Stimulus)

Second or more Dui convictions have mandatory jail time

Boat Insurance can be denied or greatly increased

Loss of professional transportation licenses (Boating Captain, pilots, Commercial Drivers License, etc.)

Denial of company car / car insurance and rental cars

Sex Charges

If you have been charged with any sort of sex crime in South Carolina, you need representation immediately! In addition to fines and jail time, you also face the possibility of a lifetime sentence to the Sex Offender Registry (SOR). The SOR puts drastic limitations on your life even after jail and probation are finished. You will need an experienced attorney to help you fight these charges, particularly if they are brought by the Attorney Generals Office. These cases can last a long time and are very complex to defend, whether it be through fighting DNA and medical evidence, or computer and cell phone-based evidence. You need to hire an attorney that can competently represent you on these matters.

Drug Charges

Drug crimes are some of the most challenging to fight and can have long-lasting impacts on someone’s life. However, there are several strategies a professional criminal lawyer can use to fight your charges. Barrett Law Center will work hard to minimize the damage of your charges on your life.

First-time offenders charged with lower level drug offenses can often have their charges reduced or dropped with proper legal representation. Barrett Law Center can represent clients in courts across the state of South Carolina.

Other Criminal

You can count on the Barrett Law Center to help you through nearly any legal problem you find yourself facing in Charleston, South Carolina. Michael offers a wide variety of legal services. Are you facing an issue you’re not sure he can help you with? Contact the Barrett Law Center now to set up a free consultation so we can go over the details of your case.

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Thank you for visiting the website of Barrett Law Center. Michael works hard to represent clients facing all kinds of legal issues in Charleston, South Carolina. You can count on him for aggressive representation after you’ve been charged with DUI or another criminal offense. Please call 843.408.8455 or complete the intake form below.

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Highly recommend using Michael. He kept me at ease through the whole court process and got me the result I wanted. I would definitely use him again!

— JM

"Helped me with my DUI"

Michael helped me with my DUI from the minute I contacted him until months after he got it successfully resolved. He always takes the time to speak with me and doesn’t hand me off to a secretary.

— BC

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I’ve had to use Michael twice now, once for a DUI here in SC and once with an out of state issue with my SC drivers license. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with on payments. I recommend him to all my friends and coworkers who have legal issues.

— MJ