What Can a BUI attorney in Charleston Do For Me?

A BUI is also known as a boating while under the influence charge. BUI charges in Charleston are less frequent than DUIs and do require the legal experience of a BUI attorney in Charleston. Attorneys at the Barrett Law Firm have experience representing those charged with this crime in hearings and even in court when […] Read More

How a White-Collar Crime Attorney in Charleston South Carolina Can Help You Fight Your Charges

If you’ve been accused of a white-collar crime in or around Charleston, it can be stressful. Both your personal and business reputations can suffer when you’re facing these criminal charges. Having your name in investigations like these is enough to cause negative consequences for your future. With the help of a white-collar crime attorney in […] Read More

Hire a Rape Attorney in Charleston Today

No matter what your charge is, accusations of rape are serious. A conviction in South Carolina can lead to life-changing consequences, which includes a destroyed reputation, prison time, loss of one’s job, and mandatory registering on the sex offender registry. A rape attorney in Charleston from Barrett Law Center can help prepare for your trial […] Read More