How a Drug Crimes Attorney Can Help Individuals in Charleston with Drug Charges

South Carolina drug laws cover the possession, manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of dangerous controlled substances, which the state classifies into five schedules. A conviction for any drug crime in Charleston can lead to severe penalties. With the help of a drug crimes attorney from the Barrett Law Center, you can be represented the way you deserve to be. Our legal team understands all South Carolina drug laws and can help you get reduced or dropped charges with effective defense strategies.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Charleston

Drug crimes are taken very seriously in South Carolina and penalties can be strict. Ultimately, penalties will depend on the charge and the schedule of the drug. For instance, a distribution charge for a Schedule I drug such as marijuana, Quaaludes or LSD, could lead to 5-30 years in prison and fines up to $50,000. A drug crimes attorney can guide you through the upcoming process, and build a solid defense to fight your charges.

Drug Possession Charges Defense

Some common drug possession charges defense strategies include issues with drug dogs, failure to properly read you your Miranda rights, and illegal stop and seizure. When we meet to discuss your case, we can brainstorm defense strategies that apply specifically to you and your case. We can also discuss important factors to get you reduced or dropped charges in Charleston or Mt. Pleasant South Carolina.

Drug Manufacturing Charges Defense

When it comes to drug manufacturing charges, our legal team has the experience needed to create a defense strategy that best suits your case. I have helped countless individuals to fight these types of drug crimes in South Carolina, and pride myself on having the skills needed to help others like you.

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If you’re facing a drug charge of any kind, don’t go at this stressful situation alone. A drug crimes attorney from the Barrett Law Center has the experience, skills, and resources needed to represent you in South Carolina. I understand the laws associated with these charges and know how to devise strong defenses or prove your innocence.

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