How a Charleston, South Carolina Military Crime Attorney Gives You Peace of Mind

You’ve worked and studied hard to build your military career and to serve your country with honor and dignity. But an accusation or investigation can blemish your good record and can greatly interfere with your future. If you are serving in any branch of the military and you have been accused of an offense or have become the subject of an investigation, it is important to know and to exercise your rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). For instance, you must be advised of your rights under Article 31, which include the right to remain silent and the right to counsel. An experienced Charleston, South Carolina military crime attorney can help you navigate the stormy waters of the military justice environment, giving you peace of mind.

Types of Military Crimes and Your Defense

As a member of the service, you are subject to both the civilian laws of the land in the state of South Carolina and the military laws and rules under the UCMJ. What this means is that you can be charged and investigated for any civilian crime as well as for crimes that are unique to the military, such as insubordination, fraternization, and absence without leave (AWOL). If you’ve been accused of violating one of these military laws, you could be facing a court-martial.  In that case, you’re entitled to both a free, government-appointed military defense attorney and a civilian attorney, who may work together on your case to defend you. It is important to note that any civilian attorney that you hire is not subject to the military chain-of-command, meaning that they can defend you without fear of military retribution. This could be an important consideration if you’ve been accused of a serious crime. Our attorney at the Barrett Law Center is experienced in defending those accused of military crimes.

Military Crime Penalties

The penalties for military crimes are stipulated in the rules for court-martials. There are three main types of court-martials, each handling crimes of different severity.

  1. A Summary Courts-Martial is conducted for service members who’ve been accused of minor crimes. These may carry 30 days confinement, reduction in rank, or 45 days of hard labor.
  2. A Special Courts-Martial is held for more serious violations and the penalties can include a year of confinement, loss of six months’ pay, or discharge for poor conduct.
  3. A General Courts-Martial is the most serious type and is held for the most severe offenses. Penalties for a General Courts-Martial can include prison for life, a dishonorable discharge, or a death sentence. In cases like this, it is crucial to hire a private South Carolina military crime attorney to be your advocate in court.

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