Violent Crimes Attorney in Charleston

When charges are brought against you for violent crimes in Charleston, South Carolina, there’s no time to waste. Seek the legal help of a violent crime attorney from the Barrett Law Center. When you choose a professional violent crime attorney in the area, you have a better chance at the best outcome. These types of criminal charges can ruin someone’s reputation. My professional legal team can help you fight and manage damage control throughout the entire legal process. An experienced violent crimes attorney can negotiate the legal waters for you during your case.

Choose an Experienced Violent Crimes Attorney in Charleston

Handling charges for a violent crime can be difficult. As an experienced violent crimes attorney, I am ready for the task. At the Barrett Law Center, I have the experience needed to represent you the way that you deserve. As a violent crimes attorney I represents those in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant as well as all of the surrounding communities.

Assault Charges Defense and Battery Charges Defense

An assault charges defense attorney knows how to use defense strategies to fight charges for their clients. Some common defenses include: inability to commit a violent crime and/or injury, false accusation, self-defense, or lack of intent.  I will do a thorough investigation of your case and retain the evidence necessary to strengthen your case.

Aggravated Assault Charges Defense

When you’re facing assault charges, you need the help of an aggravated assault charges defense lawyer. With years of experience, the Barrett Law Center understand how these charges can have a major impact on your future. Like assault and battery charges, assault charges defenses can include self-defense or false accusation.

Speak to a Charleston, SC Violent Crimes Lawyer Today

The first thing you should do after being charged with a violent crime is to retain the legal services of an experienced violent crimes attorney from the Barrett Law Center in Charleston or Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. With years of experience, I will work diligently to learn the details of your case and build you a solid defense. To schedule a free legal consultation with an experienced violent crimes attorney, call our office at (843) 408-8455 today.